Yayvo.com Your refund is in progress

This is the story about my Yayvo.com pathatic, unprofessional service and refund experiment and review.

May 21, 2017 I took a wrong decision. I saw adsense ad for Yayvo.com promotion to get discount if you pay with UBL Wiz and JazzCash payment. I browsed their products and selected a 2 TB Transcend USB HDD because my last two Seagate USB HDDs were dead in a year, taking all important data with them. I added the item in cart and selected payment using Wiz card and jazz cash and wow I saw a 25% discount in final amount. I was very happy that I got the discount. I used UBL Wiz first time on Pakistani website before that I used my card on AliExpress.com and got excellent service. Days passed and I become worried because there was no response from yayvo.com about my shipment. Normally on other websites I use cash on delivery and get products in 3 days. I contacted with their online chat support daily and they always said order is in progress etc.

After 19 days on Jun 9, 2017 I tried to check the order status and I saw that order status is changed to refunded. I thought may be they are out of stock then I checked my UBL Wiz card and their was no refund. I contacted the chat support and they said refund will received in 2 to 3 days. Days starting to pass EID holidays came and went. I almost forget about this and when I remembered contacted the support chat again. This time they said it will take 10 to 12 days because this is VISA and Master Card policy. 15 days passed and I contacted the support chat again this time they said refund is in progress we are prioritizing your refund procedure. Contacted after 5 days again same response. After 5 days again same response we are reminding the refund team.


Now today is 14 July , 2017 and 35 Days are passed since refund is initiated and Still the same response from yayvo.com support team "Your Refund is in progress".


If someone is in Yayvo.com Please check whats the problem is with them. The most unprofessional service I see. Even I get refund from aliexpress.com from undelivered packages within 2 to 4 weeks.


If I do not get the refund in next week I will launch complain to UBL Wiz Card, Pakistan Consume Court and demand for compensation for mental torture and losses due to yayvo.com unprofessional behaviour.

My Order # is 100315698

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