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I am a software engineer from 11+ years and my last job was a Principal Software Engineer in a software development company for about 5 years. I have a family and I find it difficult to get time for the family and kids. So i decided to work from home as a freelancer. I was able to find a company who hired me as a freelancer for their project and from last 2 years I am working as a freelancer with them. After becoming freelancer My life got simplified and I get more time for my family and friends. I can travel between cities and even countries without worrying about reaching office. I keep my laptop with me and I can work where ever I am thanks to 4g network connectivity I keep connected while on the go.


My life was going smooth and one day I learned about Toptal by reading an internet article. I visited Toptal website and found that they provide the best talent for freelance industry; they claim they provide top 3% of the talent and I saw that they are now leading in this field. I also read success stories of freelancers in news articles in many blogs. They have the top clients to work for like  JPMorgan, Pfizer and many more. I also observed that they only select the best top talent by having a screening process. In this process they take collect personal and professional information after that they take interview on Skype. It is difficult to get selected if you are not top talent.


After a lot of research I decided to apply at Toptal, I am confident that I am one of the top developers and make full use of this platform to give benefit to prospective clients and can also take benefit by gaining experience while working with top employers. There are also many freelancing websites but they are flooded by cheap companies who hired some marketing people who constantly spam the client projects and genuine freelancer's bids burry under those spam bids. There are also many non-serious clients on those platforms who never select any bidder and waste time of the freelancers.


I am hoping Toptal is not like those platforms and It selects only genuine freelancers which they claim. If I get selected then I will write more about my experiences.




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About Me

I am working as freelance system analyst, software architect and programmer. The technologies in which I worked in past are Microsoft .Net, Visual Studio, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, VB, C, C++, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, MS SQL, MySQL, SQLCE, VSS, SVN, GIT, JIRA, FishEYE, Bamboo, Agile Project Management, Project Management and many more.

I am good learner and keep learning new technologies.

I did MSCS and BSCS degrees from University of South Asia.

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